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Painting - Skilled and Experienced

Painting   | Robert Gray Painting & Pressure Washing - Owensboro, KY

A fresh coat of paint is a fast, easy and cost effective way to brighten up any building, and with the painting service at Robert Gray Painting & Pressure Washing, we can help give buildings a facelift. Whether they are commercial or residential, inside or out, we have the skills and tools to get the job done.

We take great pride in the attention to detail we provide with each painting job, both for commercial buildings and residential homes. We ensure that each coat is expertly applied while preventing splashes and drippings onto floors and furnishings. We are skilled and experienced in painting a variety of surfaces such as:

• Wood
• Drywall
• Stucco
• Concrete
• Brick
• And more

Painting is much more than simply slapping a coat or two of paint onto a wall. It takes great attention to detail, an eye for color and professional experience to ensure an even coat and great looking finish. You can expect this level of service from Robert Gray Painting & Pressure Washing.

We have the skills to get the job done quickly and correctly, using the highest quality supplies designed to stand up against the elements while looking fresh and beautiful.

As Owensboro, KY's leading painting contractor, we will ensure that our painters are highly skilled, dedicated and knowledgeable in the art of painting both the exterior and interior of our customer's residential and commercial properties.

At Robert Gray Painting & Pressure Washing, we strive to maintain affordable and competitive prices while providing outstanding customer service. If you would like to learn more about our painting services or would like to request a quote, you may do so through our online form or contact us via phone. When quality matters, contact the professionals.